Fave Fives XXII: Food Shows


As a teen, weekends were for housework, yardwork, homework and the Lord’s work.  In between, I would catch my breath by taking in a PBS cooking show or two.  I don’t think there were a whole lot of very entertaining choices on TV on Saturday afternoons.  But you could count on Jeff Smith, The Frugal Gourmet to cook up something that had an interesting story behind it.  I still remember when Elmo came on to learn how to properly saute.  And now, with the advent of Food Network, cooking shows have really evolved into spectacles that include travel, humor, science and history.  Since I don’t have cable or satelite, PBS is still my go-to avenue for culinary entertainment.  But while on vacation in a hotel, it’s on!  Here are my Fave Five Food shows:

1. Good Eats: Alton Brown has been the court jester of Food Network for ten years now.  His one-of-a-kind combo of food science, culinary anthropology, and cultural satire make for very entertaining television.

2. Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives: The super funny Guy Fieri takes you on a tour of the country’s most unique and quirky places to eat.  I find myself planning vacations around the restaurants he visits.

3. America’s Test Kitchen/Cook’s Country: PBS’s chilled out, down-to-earth version of Good Eats.  While not as silly as Alton Brown, I find their people to be very engaging.  Their recipes, taste tests and equipment reviews are very helpful.

4. Bizarre Foods:  A stalwart of the Travel Channel, this is one of those car accident type shows.  You know you shouldn’t stop to look, but you just can’t help it.  Well, I can’t.  I’ll try most things that a civilized society offers as delicacies.  Third world countries are another thing.  But I enjoy watching other people eating bugs, worms, reptiles and various mammalian organs/fluids.

5. Gourmet’s Diary of a Foodie:  This PBS show has the look and feel of a higher-budget cable channel special.  Various food writers span the globe in search of the most authentic renderings of the most popular cuisines.  I consider myself a Foodie and this blog is a bit of a diary.  If only I had the budget to do more traveling.


7 comments so far

  1. Renae on

    I like Ace of Cakes, Good Eats, Barefoot Contessa, Down Home with the Neeley’s, Iron Chef, And Food Network Challenges. Since Cable is included in our rent, we watch the Food Network often. I really enjoy the shows. 🙂 Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives is good also. We don’t usually stay up late enough to watch it though!

  2. ocnative on

    i love triple d! guy fieri is the best. good eats is just a bit too goofy for me. dinner impossible and $40 a day are others i can’t miss.

  3. janet2000 on

    Must be a guy thing, my hubby LOVES Bizarre Foods. It’s about the only food show he’ll watch. Grosses me out. My favorites are Iron Chef America, Paula Deen and Throwdown.

  4. Sylvie on

    Love Good Eats, also addicted to Chopped, Giada’s Weekend Getaways, and Rick Bayless on PBS. And I remember Elmo on the Frugal Gourmet! lol

  5. L.A. Food Bloggin on

    Can’t get enough of Bizarre Foods (they spotlighted the Philippines not too long ago)! Also on Travel Channel is No Reservations. A bit crass at times, but Anthony Bourdain is a real trip.

  6. jenmarie on

    I watched some food show when I was in New England. Did it just for you! (Well, and the fact that my mom was on the phone so I couldn’t sleep anyways.) lol.
    It was some race thing where these chefs competed in different challenges…pretty interesting.

  7. jaynepomuceno on

    Iron Chef?

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