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Porto’s Bakery, with its dozens of choices, is one-stop shopping for my food research (read my original review here).  I am commited to trying something new with each lovin’ visit.  With passionate praise coming from food review sites like Yelp, Urbanspoon, Chowhound and now the BarBeQuethMinistry!, it seems appropriate to document my gluttony research.  Here are the latest findings:

img00014-20090222-1245Cubano Sandwich — Roast pork, ham, swiss cheese, mustard, and pickles nestled into a pressed roll.  A very nice contrast in textures between the crisp bread and tender meats, but the flavor was just … meh.  My BBQ Honey said the roast pork tasted boiled and too “porky”.  The plaintain chips that came on the side were great, but we won’t be ordering the Cubano again.

Carrot Cake — Incredibly moist, with chunks of pinneaple and lots of shredded carrots, but surprisingly bland.  The cream cheese frosting was very disapointing, with barely any hint of cream cheese flavor.  The cream cheese frosting on a Red Velvet Cupcake we had a couple weeks ago was awesome.  Go figure.

Mocha — A classic espresso drink that’s my standard at coffee houses.  Porto’s 12 oz small is a decent $2.85.  I wasn’t overwhelmed by the chocolate, which is the first thing I judge a Mocha Latte by (Leonidas is still head and shoulders above the rest).  The espresso itself was interesting, nice and smooth with strong floral notes.  Fine, but not really a great match with chocolate.  I prefer a “nutty” espresso for mochas.  I’ll bet Porto’s makes a real good cup of regular ol’ coffee.  That’s probably what I’ll go with next time.

msTres Leches Cake — Score!  This is one of my favorite cakes, and Porto’s hits it out of the ball park!  I’ve never seen it with a meringue topping, and was a bit concerned because I’ve never had a meringue anything that I liked.  But Porto’s version has a richness that makes Marie Calendar’s sorry attempt seem like packing material.  It was just awesome.  Nicely browned and slightly crisp on top, yielding to a wonderfully sweet and simple custard-like cake on the bottom … sjod zxlgoll=ww … uh, sorry, my eyes crossed for a moment in delirious joy.

Of course, we bought a dozen cheese rolls.  Those are non-negotiable.



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  1. Sylvie on

    O mah goodness!! We tried Porto’s in Burbank soon after your review and it is to-die-for! Can’t wait to get back for more potato balls, kisses, opera cake and guava cheese rolls! Thanks for the great tip!



  2. sandy on

    this is such great info. bookmarking and will be back!! 🙂

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