Okay, Chargers, Wake Up!

09000d5d8138eea6_gallery_600It was a solemn night at the BarBeQuethMinistry! Worldwide Headquarters after the Chargers’ loss to the hated Broncos on Monday Night Football.  After a very promising first half (dominance, really, other than the two special teams blunders), it was clear which team was better coached.  Denver made a number of adjustments that seemed to send San Diego into an ugly tailspin.  What in the world did Head Coach Norv Turner do during halftime?  And why can’t defensive coordinator Ron Rivera figure out how to get some semblance of a pass rush together?

There are so many things wrong with the Chargers right now.  It’s not just the coaching, but they’re certainly close to the top of the blame totem pole.  Sure, they’ve been decimated by injuries at key spots, but there’s still a lot of talent to work with.  Norv and company have got to get it figured out.  If they do, all is not lost.  They really do have a pretty good chance at winning the division.  The main reason:

Schedule.  Of their remaining 11 games, six are pretty much gimmees against cupcake teams.  Of the other five, only two are against elite teams (Giants and Broncos) leaving three very winnable games against decent competition (Eagles, Bengals, Cowboys).  They can make a nice 8-3 run while the Broncos come back to earth and drop six of their last 10 games (they have a tough schedule and there’s no way stinkin’ Kyle Orton keeps playing like a Pro Bowler).

But here’s some nuts and bolts stuff to get the Chargers into the playoffs (Norv, I hope you’re taking notes).  First, air it out!  I’m talkin’ Kurt Warner and the St. Louis Rams of 2000-2001.  Yes, LT is healthy (despite just 70 yards rushing, he looked real good against the Broncos), but we can use him like the Rams used Marshall Faulk.  Then you’ve got all the mismatches outside (6’5″ Vincent Jackson, 6’5″ Malcolm Floyd, 6’4″ Antonio Gates).  Who in the world do you cover?  Philip Rivers has proven that he is a franchise QB, just let him go wild!  Build a lead then let LT run out the clock.

Second, stop trying to be cute with Darren Sproles.  I know, I know, at 5’6″, he’s adorable, but he has no business running the “power right” at the two yard line.  That is not cute.  Norv, just stop it!  He’s a dangerous weapon in the open field.  Get it to him there.

Third, stop crying about Jamal Williams.  He’s been a luxury in the middle, one of the best NTs of our time.  He made the mediocre inside linebackers behind him look pretty good.  Okay, we don’t have him, but let’s build a bridge and get over it.  Someone’s got to step up on the field, and the coaches have got to come up with a schnazzy scheme to get over our deficiencies in the middle.  That’s what you’re getting paid for, Ron Rivera!  Figure it out.

Fourth, be patient with Shawne Merriman.  We obviously rushed him back and now he’s kinda gimping along.  Let him get his groove back as Larry English learns from the school of hard knocks (and he’s not doing a half-bad job for a rookie).  Once Merriman is completely healthy, he’ll be looking to boost his value in free agency.  He’ll be a beast, and that’ll make everyone better.

Yeah, see, easy as that.  Now get it done, Chargers!


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  1. gregg on

    your so right man, tho i’m not so sure about airing it out. coaches need to own it and sproles has to touch the ball more.

  2. bolthype on

    Great article! Interesting thought about letting Rivers go wild. I’ve been waiting for them to go back to giving the ball to LT 20-25 times a game, but you’re right, Rivers is unstoppable when he’s throwing like crazy. Yeah, I like it, let’s bring back the “Air Coryell” days! Unfortunately, I don’t see Denver losing six games. We’re gonna need a lot of help to get a wild card spot.

  3. jaynepomuceno on

    Thanks for coming by, folks! Bolthype, ya think Kyle Orton (who couldn’t beat out Rex Grossman) is going to keep this up? Once he comes back down to earth, the offense will sputter. Their defense seems legit, but they won’t be able to score enough to finish better than 10-6. We’re fine!

  4. bolthype on

    Agreed, Orton will become Orton and Broncos fans will be screaming for Cutler again. But that defense is just too good and their running game is solid (and will probably get better). Maybe our best bet is a coaching change?

  5. jaynepomuceno on

    Yes! I’ve got my fingers crossed for Bill Cowher. Shanahan will work, too, but that would just be kinda wierd.

  6. Clint on

    yeah Im hopen for Cowher myself, did you hear about how Marmiean cried cause AJ Smith said there soft. and whats up with LT? cause you the lighting Bug is not the solution.

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