Fave Fives XXIII: Store Bought Cookies

oreoschoc1I know, I know, you can’t beat homemade cookies.  My BBQ Honey is the only two-time champion in our church’s cookie baking contest.  So, yeah, I get some bomb-a-licious cookies at home.  But sometimes you get a coupon or a great sale price or you just have a craving for Oreos!

1. Fudge Covered Oreos: What can you say about Oreos?  They’re iconic, versatile and just plain yummy.  I want to know who the genius was who came up with the fudge-covered concept.  Give that person a Nobel Prize!

2. Pepperidge Farm Milano: Elegant, pleasantly crisp, with a nice chocolate decadence inside.

3. Double Stuffed Oreos: How ’bout covering these bad boys in fudge?  Awwwwww, yeah!

4. Fig Newtons: It’s not just that I feel the need to be somewhat healthy and sneak some fruit into this list.  These often found their way into my sack lunches as a kid.  They’re comfort food.

5. Vanilla Wafers: Almost the saltine cracker of the cookie world, you can say they’re a bit plain, but their charm is in their simplicity.  Strangely addicting, I can just keep popping those things into my mouth.  I can eat about a million in one sitting.


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  1. Renae on

    I enjoy cookies… of course Homemade are the best. But store bought can be good.
    So I agree with you on Oreos. My dad’s favorite cookie. I do like the fudge covered ones. I am also a huge fan of Pepperidge Farms Double Chocolate Chunk. Other than that anything with chocolate or chocolate chips. 🙂

  2. Becka on

    I agree with you on your list, except for #5. I really dislike Vanilla Wafers. I think it’s because I had them a lot as a kid and also because I once had them in banana pudding (pudding that I thought was vanilla) and have disliked them ever since. I already hated banana pudding. lol

  3. Kelli on

    Oh, good grief…………………..

    I go from Job’s life to Oreos!

    At least couldn’t you talk about it w/o the photo’s? It’s lunch time for crying out loud. Adding the milk was a nice touch. Keeps it healthy.

  4. Daniel Ashton on

    mmmmmmmm…makes me hungry even though I just came from lunch where I had some good cookies.

    The great thing to do with double stuffed oreos is to combine two of them into a quadruple stuffed oreo

  5. janet2000 on

    lol @ quadruple stuffed Oreos!

    Agreed, if Obama can win the Nobel, whoever invented the fudge covered Oreo should, too! I also like Keebler’s Vienna Fingers, Nutter Butters, and ALL of Pepperidge Farms Soft Baked.

  6. jaynepomuceno on

    Kelli, yeah, I’m kinda all over the radar here.

    Daniel, you’re the man for quaduple-ing. Think of that yourself?

    Janet, Nutter Butters almost made the list.

  7. zaza on

    cookies! yum! yes, oreos are always a favorite. and soft batch chocolate chip cookies (in the red bag, which have disappeared from off the shelves, at least i cant find them anymore. tried other soft chewy cookies and they didn’t make the cut) are my favorites! honestly all the others are kinda ‘eh’ for a cookie because i would rather buy something i enjoy eating! and thats where mrs. fields white chocolate macademaia nut nibblers come in! bring on the milk!

    i suppose homemade cookies would be the best (can’t say i’ve eaten a lot of homemade cookies in my life) as long as they’re not lemony, too nutty, or peanut buttery (although the kiss in the middle is a nice touch), ginger-bready, etc. but then as yummy as cookies are, they’re not usually my “go-to” for a snack.

    hey jay, you should do a fave five: cereals. (did you do that already?)

  8. flowersbymegan on

    Nutter Butters are tops for me, Mint Oreos a close second. And Trader Joe’s has the best Fig Bars!!!

  9. Jen on

    When’s the next cookie contest? I am so baking cookies! I missed it last time bc I was out of town. 😦 I’m not a huge cookie person, but I have this one recipe that I adore and I can seriously eat the whole batch by myself!

  10. jaynepomuceno on

    zaza, Mrs. Fields’ are awesome! And you’re goin’ old skewl w/ the Soft Batch cookies in the red bag! I loved those as a kid. Great idea w/ cereals. That’ll be next. I’m trying to get to 30 fave fives, so throw out the ideas.

    Jen, we usually do the cookie baking contest anniversary month. Maybe we do it every other year? What’s your recipe like?

  11. Sylvie on

    I love those pink and white Circus Animal cookies. I can almost eat a whole bag by myself! Oreos are close second.

  12. L.A. Food Bloggin on

    Do Girl Scout cookies count? Love Thin Mints and Samoa’s! And I can’t find Circus Animal Cookies anywhere! I thought Mother’s went out of business.

  13. jaynepomuceno on

    Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies are gone??


  14. Sylvie on

    Mother’s actually did go bankrupt last year. Kellogg’s was so kind as to bring them back to life a few months ago! God bless Kellogg’s!

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