Fave Fives XXVII: Faded Fads

Not that I want any of these to come back.  These are the fads of yester-year that really crack me up.

1. 80’s Big Hair:  It was all the rage to get your “do” as tall and as wide as your Aqua Net hairspray made possible.  In my Jr. High glorydays, I used both mousse and “Extra Hold” Aqua Net to get the desired enormity.

2. Fanny Packs:  Most people never actually let these rest on their … uh … fanny **insert immature snicker**, but they’re still one of mankind’s worst ideas.  It especially cracks me up to see the occasional grandpa sporting one of these along with some chest-high shorts and knee-high socks.

3. Pagers:  Thinking you were “all that and a bag of chips” with a pager is especially comical with the advent of cell phones that can do so much more than vibrate.

4. “Psyche!”:  Or maybe you spelled it, “Sike!”  It was the cool way of telling people you were just kidding.  For example — Me: “Your fanny pack is so rad!”  You: “Really?”  Me: “Psyche!  Loser.”

5. Gigapets:  These little electronic toys needed to be fed and cared for or they would die.  Very demented, if you ask me.


9 comments so far

  1. Dan the man on

    All good choices Jay but you can’t forget the other awesome phrases like “dude” or “brah”…oh wait, I still say dude. Errr…never mind Jay, carry on…

  2. Renae on

    I love them and they made me laugh. I miss scrunchies! 🙂

  3. jaynepomuceno on

    Scrunchies! Yeah, I used to wear those on my wrist for Brenna.

  4. jaynepomuceno on


  5. Becka on

    lol So funny. This post cracked me up completely. I remember Jason (last name escaping me – had a twin brother) always feeling so cool bc he had a pager. lol

  6. Renae on

    Becka-Was it Jason and Jared Tennis? 🙂

  7. Becka on

    That would be the ones!

  8. Kelli on

    My personal favorite….BOGUS.

  9. lonestarpreacher on

    does anyone remember members only jackets?

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