Legacy Five

Over the weekend, one of the things we did to celebrate my BBQ Honey’s birthday was attend Legacy Five‘s concert in Hemet.  It was a 60 mile drive made all the more festive by freeway congestion and road construction.  But the 90 minute drive was absolutely worth it.  Definitely carrying on the legacy of the legendary Cathedrals Quartet, this award-winning southern gospel quartet puts on an almost three hour concert that is not only wonderfully entertaining, but also spiritually thrilling!  They have a unique style that is upbeat, without being “rocky”, while mixing in traditional southern gospel elements, without being “honky-tonk”.  These guys are a lot of fun, but you also get the sense that they are not just putting on a show.  They seem to really have a heart and passion to minister.  This was our second concert, and can’t wait for next year.

We purchased their latest CD, “Just Stand” and have listened to it almost non-stop since.  I think this is their very best collection, even surpassing their first album “Strong in the Strength”, which introduced the world to the hit song “I Stand Redeemed”.  I’ll have to update my Fave Five Songs list.  Few songs have actually ministered to my heart the way cut #5 on this CD immediately did.  “Faithful to the Cross” is a big, huge, gargantuan power ballad that features the classic sound of lead singer Scott Fowler.  Masterfully arranged to turn the melody over to high tenor Frank Seamans for the chorus and key-change bridge, it is a testimony song with strong lyrics and rich harmonies.  Powerful and beautiful.  Can’t wait to hear it in person.  Can’t wait to sing it.  Gotta share the words with you.  Here’s the first verse and chorus:

Some follow after fortune and fame
So when they’re gone the world will remember their name
But I am learning what matters most can’t be held in my hands
And that riches aren’t the measure of the worth of a man
It’s found in being…
Faithful to the cross, faithful to His call
Laying down my life, surrendering my all
Forgetting what’s behind me and counting it as loss
Faithful to the finish, faithful to the cross


6 comments so far

  1. Becka on

    I love Legacy Five. Remember all those great times on missions trip that centered around their songs? So fun!

  2. Renae on

    I heard you had a great time… My parents tried to tell me about the concert only my mom’s phone wasn’t working… Oh well… Now my dad wants Legacy Five cds for Christmas! 🙂

  3. lonestarpreacher on

    this may be hard to believe but we get the all the best quartets come through texas all the time. gold city is my personal favorite, but i do like L-5. i’ll have to buy the new cd.

  4. jenmarie on

    Oh yay, I’m looking forward to hearing you sing it!

  5. jaynepomuceno on

    Actually, Becka, Legacy Five songs are still a HUGE part of the missions trip experience. I’ve added a few more groups, but they’re still my favorite!

  6. philly on

    Jay, if you’re singing Faithful to the Cross, I;m singing bass for you. Love that song!

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