We’re 14 Years Old!

…as a married couple, that is!  This is such a hugongous event, it took us two days of festivities to give it the proper recognition.  We spent a full day in America’s Finest City, San Diego, to celebrate with the BBQ Kids at Point Loma Seafoods (lunch), Shelter Island, Sunset Cliffs, Bronx Pizza (dinner), and Christmas Circle (neighborhood Christmas lights).  Some of the San Diego Chargers were so kind to help us celebrate as we did some shopping (we saw Luis Castillo, Legedu Naane, Jacob Hester, Jacques Cessaire and even talked briefly to All-Universe TE, Antonio Gates — no pics, didn’t want to go all paparazzi-style on them).  The following day, The BBQ Couple spent some lovely alone time in Old Town Pasadena where we had an amazing italian dinner at Louise’s Trattoria (which I’ll review soon at The FUNdamental Foodie) followed by coffee and chocolates at Leonidas.

Yeah, we know how to party.

The BBQ Couple at Shelter Island.

The BBQ Kids at Sunset Cliffs.

Low tide at Sunset Cliffs.


6 comments so far

  1. Renae on

    Happy Anniversary! Looks like you had a fun time celebrating…

  2. Becka on

    Woohoo! Congrats. 🙂

  3. zaza on

    yay! Happy Anniversary! =)

  4. Antonia on

    Happy Anniversary! We love Shelter Island! There use to be a hotel at the end with a great restraunt, the Shelter Island Inn I think? Now it is the Island Palms.

  5. Melinda on

    Congratulations, BBQ couple: fourteen years is an accomplishment. Happy Anniversary!

  6. jenmarie on

    Congrats! 🙂

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