Youth Ministry Trick #8


We all like to relax and hang out.  The high-energy, full-scheduled activities definitely have their place in youth ministry.  They’ll more than likely dominate your repertoire.  But it’s good to mix in some times in which the leader and his teens simply end up … chillin’.  Of course, you have to know your young people.  If they’re a bunch of bumps on the log who need someone to structure they’re fun, “chill” activities just won’t work.  But if you have a naturally fun group, they’ll love it.  And so will you.

One such activity is our Goofy Olympics, in which the kids compete in zany events to set youth group records.  Both athletes and klutzes can have a good time shooting Froot Loops from their nostrils, tossing raw eggs, designing paper airplanes, and other goofy things.  They go from station to station to be measured or timed, and, every so often, records fall.  Sure, they may practice for an event, watch their friend jump rope or get grossed out by “piggly wiggly”.  But for the most part, the kids end up chillin’.  Hangin’ out.  It’s a lot of fun.

Then there’s “The Day With Jay” (check out last year’s event here).  It’s my opportunity to share my favorite places, in my favorite city, with some of my favorite people.  I grew up in San Diego and know both the tourist traps and local treasures.  This year we went to Torrey Pines State Preserve and took the Beach Trail down the sea cliffs to the beautiful beach.  From there we made a quick stop at Mt. Soledad (best views of San Diego) before heading to Coronado Island to chill around a blazing bonfire!

As much as I love San Diego, I’m thinking about mixing it up next year and staying more local.  Maybe … “A Day With Jay in L.A.”?  Anyway, here’s how we chill….

Chloe', seriously SWEET pic! You should consider it for convention.


6 comments so far

  1. Renae on

    Looks like you had a lot of fun in San Diego! I think taking a day and having fun together is a great youth tip!

  2. Clo on

    Hey Jay, that rose picture sadly wasn’t by me….Ryan Starman took that…so he deserves the awesomeness of it…but yeah, it’s a really nice picture! Ryan just pressed the button and the camera did all the hard work of focusing just rite on the rose. So really, ryan doesn’t deserve the praise…my $500 dollar camera does! :p

  3. Becka on

    We have a good group for just chillin’. On the way home from camp this year, the brakes on the van started going out, and our teens just hung around and made up their own fun. It was a blast! Well….it would have been more fun had I not been so exhausted from the week of camp.

  4. jenmarie on

    At first I thought that was a huge carnation – cool angle.
    Froot loops? Or is it Cheerios? I can’t remember, but Froot Loops seem really big…lol.

  5. zaza on

    whichever cereal, it’s a classic photo op. btw, i thought we used beans before? i could be wrong…

  6. Jay on

    Chloe, actually the really cool thing is that the flower is blurred in the foreground (you can see the effect better full size–just click in the pic). I’ve seen a million pics with the focus on a flower with a blurred background. I think it’s so unique, especially considering the memorial behind it (that your sweet $500 camera decided to focus on).

    Jen, the event is officially the “Froot Loop Snoot Shoot”. Froot Loops actually work better size-wise because some of the bigger honkers can’t grab hold of the Cheerios to cause enough resistance for launching. See, there’s a science behind it.

    Zaza, we used beans for spitting (distance).

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