Should I Switch?

I’ve been with AT&T since they were Cingular, but I’m considering making the switch to Verizon.  It’s not that I’m unhappy with AT&T, I’m just toying with the idea.  I’m actually really leaning towards making the change.  I’ve mentioned this to a few people (mostly my teens) and have come to realize how loyal people are to their wireless providers.  It’s almost as bad as the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry.

Verizon supposedly has the best coverage, but AT&T definitely has cooler phones.  I like Verizon’s data plans, but I also like AT&T’s rollover deal.  As far as commercials go, it’s a toss up.  So, I dunno….

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  1. Renae on

    I think AT&T is the better company because they don’t charge for every little thing you do on your phone… I can make my own ringtones and such and bluetooth them to my phone at no charge… Verizon doesn’t let you do that! 🙂

  2. Jay on

    Okay, strong point, Renae.

  3. Becka on

    She might be right. I LOVE Verizon because I don’t NEED rollover minutes and because it has EXCELLENT coverage where I live. So, I abstain on the basis that I can not vote without a strong bias.

  4. jenmarie on

    Whichever one you choose….get one with a good texting plan…it’s time to give in! 🙂

  5. Jay on

    Good one, Jen! Actually, I really am considering jumping into that dark abyss of texting.

    I’m considering it.

  6. Renae on

    You can get 200 txt messages through AT&T for $5 a month… I think that is pretty good… and if you stay with AT&T I will put your favorite song in a ring tone and put it on your phone 🙂

  7. Jay on

    Verizon offers 250 text messages for five bucks.

    What now??

  8. Mommyof3 on

    We’ve been toying with the same idea. Dan gets a discount with Verizon, so for the same plan we have now it would be $5 less per month. But he likes the idea of having rollover minutes (even thought we rarely use them we have a pretty consistent balance of about 1500) Also, he is thinking he may be ready to join the dark side pf texting as well. But, most of our family is AT&T so we would lose our mobile to mobile with them. I told Bren if you all switch to let us know that would be a plus for switching.

  9. anon on

    seriously trust me, stick with att unless you enjoy custormer service from brain dead teenagers!!

  10. Jay on

    Actually, I have quite a bit of experience working with brain dead teenagers.

  11. janet2000 on

    Can you hear me now? Good! Make the switch! But go with unlimited texting. Once you start, that’s what you’ll need.

  12. jenmarie on

    Yeah Jay, do you really want people like Robby answering your cell phone questions? lol, jk Robby!
    I like AT&T because they give me a bigger “apu discount” than Verizon gives! 🙂 So I’m voting for AT&T…

  13. Renae Archer on

    We have Verizon and have great coverage, but when we went into the store to look at new phones and renew our contract (with me added). It was a real hassle. There are fees that they don’t tell you about until the last minute. If you only have one or two phones, it might not be a big deal, but we have four now and my dad didn’t want to pay an extra $10 per phone per month just for data. We ended up getting different phones. Not as nice as the ones we orginally wanted, but cheaper and still pretty decent. If you switch, make sure you know what you’re getting into before you sign a contract. Those hidden fees might get you!

  14. S.J. on

    Not appreciating the “brain dead teenagers” comment Jay. (But surely I dont fit into THAT category!) Make the switch!(haha that’s AT&T’s slogan :P) Join the texting world too. I’ve already told you about the practicality and convenience of it. And if you don’t like it, its easy to change. Also, verizon has a 30 day garantee, if you dont like it, you can return the phone and cancel the service w/o an early termination fee. Oh and we can get ringtones for free from friends w/ and w/o bluetooth. I’ll show you how!

  15. Becka on

    I haven’t had any problems with hidden fees with Verizon. We get brand new, top of the line phones when we renew our plan. Maybe it’s the store you go to? Last time we renewed, I got a LG Chocolate. For free. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. 🙂

  16. Chloe' on

    Jay, don’t switch! AT&T rocks ok? remember when we went to the Grand Canyon for Missions Trip and like only you, sean, and i had service….that’s because everyone else had stupid verizon. Stick with AT&T 😛

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