BBQ Boy I really hates “scribbles”, more commonly known as tattoos.  Whenever we’re watching sports, especially an NBA game, he’ll get a glimpse of the skin markings and tell us, “I don’t like scribbles!  He needs to take a bath!”  This morning, as my BBQ Honey was doing some school work with him, she accidently made a pen mark on his hand.  He looked at it and asked,

“Is it scribbles?”

My BBQ Honey confirmed.  In all seriousness, BBQ Boy I said,

“So I can play basketball?”

Ah, the power of association.


3 comments so far

  1. Renae on

    That is adorable…

  2. Jen on

    Ha ha, that’s awesome! I hate scribbles too!

  3. Becka on

    lol lol Okay, so just yesterday I read one of those “cute” moments that kids have.

    This kid and his dad were at the beach and walking behind a man with tattoos all over his back and the kid says to his dad, “Oh man. Someone went a little crazy with the markers.”

    LOL LOL I dislike scribbles too! I love that. I’m calling them scribbles from now on.

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