Pop Vacation

Lower Yosemite Falls

Didn’t you hate “pop quizzes” in school?  You’re having an otherwise decent day because you had nothing important to study for, only to have it ruined by an overly enthusiastic teacher with a bit of an evil streak.  Some last minute surprises are not very pleasant.  But then you’ve got surprise birthday parties.  Substitute teachers.  Coins in between the cushions of the couch.

And “pop vacations”.

The BBQ Family is in an “undisclosed location” very close to Yosemite National Park.  As a matter of fact, our two bedroom suite is just about the closest lodging to the park one can find.  Outside our window are scores and scores of towering pines with a gurgling trout stream about 20 yards away.  Our suite retails for $225/night during the winter.  We’re paying $40/night.  Priceline?  No, even better.

While preaching a teen camp last summer, I was told about a Christian hotel owner in the Yosemite area who gives seriously discounted rates to preachers.  Imagine if the whole world knew about this man’s kindness.  He wouldn’t be able to make any money.  Hence, the secrecy.  But what a blessing!  It’s not prudent for me to take any vacation time during the hectic summer months (camp, missions trips, etc.).  Funny, the BBQ Kids are never too distressed about missing school.  Last year, we hit up the snowy Grand Canyon.  This time it’s a relatively quiet Yosemite that’s our playground.  And, yes, there’s plenty of snow to enjoy.


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  1. Becka on

    Sounds like a blast. And what a great deal! I LOVE Yosemite. 🙂

  2. zaza on

    the last time i was at yosemite was coming home from a missions trip somewhere, i think. haven’t been since then, so sad. would love to go back. pics look fun! it almost makes me miss the snow. but i know that feeling will soon pass! =)

  3. Becka on

    Zaza, you know you do miss the snow. How can you not? 🙂 lol

  4. jenmarie on

    How fun!
    But Beck, snow is only fun in small doses. Say, a day or two. Not month upon unending month of it. There’s a BIG difference between visiting the snow and living in the snow for like half of an entire year!!!! :)So…I side with Zaz. 🙂

  5. Becka on

    In Wisconsin, “half the year” would be generous. It’s more like “8 months of the year.” However, though small Delaware may have been recently bombarded with snow, it is unusual for us to get more than 10 inches a year. The snow season in Delaware is approximately from the middle of December to the end of February. That’s not too bad. Even you have to admit that. So, you don’t want to live in it, but you do miss it sometimes, don’t you?

  6. Renae on

    I am glad you and your family are having a great vacation! 🙂

  7. Jen on

    Beck – well, I think it’s actually more like 5 months, but who’s counting right? 🙂 I miss WI because of the church and friends and Maranatha and the super simple freeways that you can never get lost on …(except in downtown Milwaukee on the way to the airport, but other than that…) But I am not sure I miss the snow…it was part of the adventure, but I’m not sure I can say I miss it per se. Michelle is right, snow belongs on Hallmark cards. 🙂

  8. Jay on

    Zaza, Yosemite was during the Greeley Hill trip (helping get their camp ready). Remember the zip line, “David’s Sling”, and the fence?

  9. Becka on

    Okay, fine. lol You can hate the snow (or rather, not miss it) and I will enjoy my snow days from work.

    Jay – that was an awesome missions trip. That “David’s Sling” thing was a blast. And the supposed “bear.” We had so much fun with the water fights and playing Balderdash in the evenings. Good times.
    That fence was killer though. I felt we would never finish painting it!

  10. zaza on

    @jen = totally agree. small doses of snow = great fun!

    @becka = i wouldn’t want to live in snow, but sometimes i miss seeing snow. luckily, i just have to get onto the 10 freeway to see the snow and boom! feeling gone! =) lol.

    @jay – oh yeah, thx! i couldn’t remember where we went and how we ended up in yosemite! i was like utah? new mexico? good times at greeley hill. i remember henry running thru the ‘girls’ cabin during the water fight. lol. thats’ where we painted the mile long fence??

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