Yosemite Part II

How many people actually get a chance to take advantage of their seven-day national park pass?  We are so blessed to be able to take in the grandeur of this granite valley another day.  One feels so little in the midst of these titan sheer cliffs.  I think we spend too much time thinking we’re so big.  Really, we’re not.  Enjoying God’s majestic creation is a good thing.  If the creation is so wonderful, hopefully we are reminded that the creator is infinitely more so.

Yosemite is so awesome.  I’d have to say it is my second favorite national park, barely beaten out by Zion.  Third would be Bryce Canyon, fourth the Grand Canyon, and fifth Sequoia.  I guess I just snuck in a faves list.

Snow play along the Merced River with El Capitan as a backdrop ... does it get any better?

The only way it gets better is if you've got this in front of you.

BBQ Boy I with a sneak snow ball attack. The stinker later started a snow ball fight with his mommy. Don't worry, my BBQ Honey finished it.

The BBQ Princess takes on a pretty fast sled run.


2 comments so far

  1. Becka on

    Beautiful pics! Matt and I got to take advantage of our 7-day pass as well. So fun. 🙂

  2. jenmarie on

    Great pics. The second and third ones are just awesome! Yay for vacations! 🙂

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