The Legend of Club 52

Our primary fundraiser for missions trips is “Club 52”, an ongoing special offering we ask the people of our church to take part in. All one has to do to join the club is give one dollar a week to this special account (which comes out to $52 in a year, hence the name!). It’s an easy fundraiser that requires little more than a little bit of advertising.  The following video is a fun (albeit silly) promo we’ll be showing in church. We’re headed to Alaska in August and just wanted to get people thinking about it. So many give very faithfully, but maybe we’ll pick up a few more club members.


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  1. Jay on

    It was a HUGE hit in church! At the very least, it has people talking about Club 52. We’ll see if it enlists any more club members. There’ve been many calls for a sequel. Maybe “The Way of the Car Wash”?

  2. mct88 on

    Ah, hahaha. This vid clip was hilarious I could not stop laughing. A sequel please! The video was not in vain, at least regarding my parents’ and my own giving.

  3. jenmarie on

    Yay, I’m glad you posted this! My family was talking about it last night and I was sad I missed it bc I was in 2s and 3s! Loved it. 🙂

  4. Jay on

    Mel, welcome to the blog! More importantly, welcome to the Club! And you’re a fellow blogging nerd. Sweet!

    Jen, shoulda brought in the 2s and 3s. Okay, maybe not, it woulda turned into ninja time the rest of the night!

  5. Jen on

    Yeah, I have tried to bring them in for things before and it only works for a few minutes, and only if we have like 2 kids. We had 7 on Sunday and they were HYPER, definitely would have been crazy! lol

  6. S.J. on

    Wow, the acting in that video is impeccable. Where in the world did you find people with such talent? Specially that short girl…

  7. Jay on

    And the Oscar goes to …

    The Short Girl from “The Legend of Club 52”!

  8. runnerforchrist on

    lol that was great!! my youth group went down to mexico for missions trips and they were just awesome! god bless you as you go to alaska!

  9. S.J. on

    Oh my word! I can’t believe it! What an honor! I’d like to thank my youth leader and…….

  10. […] Shocking, isn’t it?  Don’t worry, next week’s episode gives an excellent alternative called Club 52. […]

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