Missions Trips (Part 2)

Anchorage Airport, Alaska Team 2008. It was an ungodly hour, thus the wheelchair to help the old guy.

**Continued from April 28th.

4. Don’t share the missionary.  After a little bit of consideration, I’m not as dogmatic about this point as I had been.  My concern stems from the previously mentioned Dulce trip (my first one).  Along with the bathroom situation, another not-so-pleasant surprise was the presence of another youth group.  The first thing that was obvious right off the bat was that they didn’t share the same dress standards that we had.  As the week wore on, I realized they were waaaaay off on personal conduct standards, as well.  There was a couple that was just all over eachother.  It was a big ol’ cuddle fest with those two.  That was troubling enough then it just got creepy.  Turned out they were siblings.


Aztec National Monument, Farmington Team 2007. I don't know what our infatuation with wheelchairs is all about. We were joking that this was Marquis's "Make-A-Wish".

I’m thinking maybe it would’ve been better for us to believe that they were a carnal couple in need of guidance, rather than disturbed siblings in need of a beatdown.  ‘Cause had they simply been in need of guidance, they had a caring youth leader there for them.  Very caring.  More caring than me as he gave shoulder rubs to the teen girls in his youth group.  Not really my style.  Add the fact that they had a tubby kid that kept finding a way to eat our food, this group was quite the thorn in our side.  By the end of the week I promised myself, “Never again.”

Poor dress standards, creepy siblings, affectionate youth leaders, and hungry fat kids aside, I suppose it’s possible to share a missionary with a group that you know.  Teaming up around “like practice and faith” is the key.  I’m sure two (maybe even more) youth groups with very similar philosophies, a mind to work, and great kids can have a great time on the mission field together.  But I would have to be sure of those things before jumping into it.

**And more nuggets of wisdom for another day….

5. Make it unique and memorable.

6. Find balance in fundraising.


6 comments so far

  1. Renae Ashton on

    I have heard some stories about this mission’s trip… I am glad that our youth group had standards. 🙂 do you have the pics from our Farmington Trip?… If not I can email them to you, at least the one I have 🙂

  2. Chloe' on

    OMW!! I remember that picture of Marquis in the wheelchair!! lol!! so many great memories!!

  3. Becka on

    Remember that kid’s “bowl” of ice cream. He grabbed a serving bowl….biggest bowl of ice cream I have ever seen!

  4. jenmarie on

    Lol. I just came across some old missions trip pics! I have one of Melinda and Vienessa boxing at Greeley Hills…made me laugh to remember all those crazy times…

  5. S.J. on

    Marquis’ Make-A-Wish!!!!!! I’m so glad we got to make his dreams come true! lol That was a fun missions trip! Remember going to the Grand Canyon as GSH and their entourage!? You guys posing everywhere you went, embarassing yet fun… just a typical youthgroup activity I guess. lol 🙂

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