Jr. High “Treasure” Hunt

The Gangsta BBQthDirector with the winning T.E.A.M..

 The May Day When Jay Runs Away is a treasure hunt of sorts with a treasure that’s truly priceless….  Me!  You can read the “how to” in last year’s post here.  I took off and met my wife close to the first stop to get into my disguise and switch vehicles (borrowed The BBQ Bro-In-Law’s Expedition).  The first stop:

It’s coffee, I guess, but it’s not very good
Unless you enjoy the taste of burnt wood
A nice place to sit, to chat and to chill
Not all that far in La Verne on Foothill

I had youth group alum (“The Ang”) posted as the first clue-giver at the western-most Starbucks in La Verne.  I was actually pretty nervous about getting caught (even though there are four locations on the La Verne stretch of Foothill) so I forgot to take a picture.  One group went to three of the Starbucks’s, McDonald’s and a donut shop before giving up and calling me.  Next stop:

‘Twould be a pity to stay in this city
No time to rest, head out to the west
Tools and lumber are here beyond number
Search in the rows at a place called Lowe’s

One of our Assistant Pastors was our clue-giver here.  I called Pastor Craig and asked him to meet me outside so I could give him the next set of clues.  As I headed toward him he looked right at me, but then looked away to continue to search for me.  I had to pretty much get right in his face.  At this point I was pretty chill, knowing I was pretty ahead of the search parties.  But we got such a good laugh at how he didn’t recognize me I once again forgot to take a picture.  Next stop:

Picture a target and a Joe who’s a trader
Somewhere nearby is your next evader
Taking a stroll in the afternoon sun
But, lo and behold, there’s more than just one!

A couple of my high school girls hung out around the Target Shopping Center in San Dimas, with a couple more alumni walking around as decoys.  It’s amazing how accessorizing can change your whole look.  Just the hats were enough to slightly confuse the maggots jr. highers.  Finally remembered to take a picture, since things were so chill at this point that I even had time to buy myself a drink at the Coffee Klatch.

This little adventure has caused you to roam
Now you will visit a San Dimas home
A mistake at this point would be a disaster
But this one is easy, just go to your Pastor

I had one of my high school preacher boys helping out with a junior church activity at Pastor’s house multi-task as the final clue giver.  No more poetry at this point, he told them to go right up the street to Louie Pompei Sports Park in Glendora.  I drove around a bit to find the perfect hiding place (there were a number of softball games going on) when the winning team drove right by.  Their leader (youth group alum, Jen) dropped them off by the ball fields then went to park.  I parked as well and we pretty much walked side by side back to the ball fields.  She was literally steps behind me and had no idea!  I watched as she caught up with her girls, then moved over to a different field where I guess they took a closer look and tagged me.

Treasure found!


3 comments so far

  1. jenmarie on

    lol. Did u see me turn around and look right at you (I was way past you at this point)? I realized it was you, but then I had to find my girls so they could come find you. I got them to come back, but didn’t want to directly point you out (I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to or not) so I told them you were in disguise and pointed in the general direction….and they promptly went and looked on the ballfield – as if you would be out there! lol…Anyways, it was a lot of fun, they really had a great time!

  2. Jay on

    I thought I saw you look in my direction. I was tempted to make a run for it, but hoped you would just walk on by again.

  3. jenmarie on

    Ha ha yeah I stood there and stared at you for like a minute and then was like “It’s him, where are my girls?” lol

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