A 1st Grader’s Dream Lunch

This post almost showed up at The FUNdamental Foodie.  Almost.

BBQ Boy III, though just seven years old, is responsible for packing up his own lunch for school.  He usually does a solid job of getting most of the peanut butter and jelly onto the bread, and making sure he has a couple snacks in the bag.  Today’s lunch effort was a bit different:

A snack-size baggie of Nerds candy.  That was it.  No kidding.

Can’t blame him for trying.


3 comments so far

  1. Becka on

    LOL. While that would be yummy, imagine how hungry he would have been by the time he got home!

  2. jenmarie on

    Ya gotta buy that kid some real food! ;)Twinkies and Doritos come to mind… 😉

  3. Jay on

    Funny thing, we tried to explain to him that he had to eat real food for lunch. He said that it was no problem since he could buy chips from the merit store!

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