Making Good Use of Time

The BBQ Kids trying to hold back the surf at Hollywood Beach in Oxnard.

This time of year is usually quite stressful for me.  I’m gearing up for teen camp and usually unable to take my normal day off for many weeks.  I preached for the Four Corners Independent Baptist Youth Camp in early June, flew back just in time for our church’s “Gospel Sing Jubilee”, then headed up to Big Bear to cook for family camp.  So, yeah, I definitely had a crazy busy stretch there.  But the two camps, ironically, afforded me some time to get some work done for my camp.  I’d take care of preaching/fellowshipping/cooking then open up the laptop late at night.  Back home it’s been early mornings in the office and a few late nights with the laptop in bed.  But I’ve been able to use the last two Tuesdays to hang with the fam.  It has made all the difference in the world to me.  I’m much more relaxed and in a very positive state of mind.  Family definitely has a calming–even healing–effect.  We make so much of the wife and kids needing the man of the house.  It’s true, I’m not making light of that.  But I think men–especially preachers–forget how much we need our families. 

Sand castle construction is a popular BBQ Family pastime.

We love the ocean and are constantly in search of empty beaches.  Broad Beach in Malibu is fine in the non-summer months.  A decent year-round (but late morning) option is Surfer’s Knoll right by the Ventura Harbor Village (strong surf and dangerous rip currents keep swimmers away).  Last week, we discovered the mysteriously empty Hollywood Beach in Oxnard.  Gentle waves, soft white sand and easy access would normally beckon multitudes of sun and surf fans.  But we were there for a couple hours smack dab in the middle of the day with only a dog walker, a couple fully clothed joggers and a couple shore fishermen coming within our personal bubble of Independent Fundamental Baptist modesty.  It was very nice.  Of course, we hit up Andria’s Seafood to enjoy the primary reason I love the ocean:

A festival of fabulous fried food!

Today we explored the Point Vicente Nature Preserve.  Just north of San Pedro (home of yet another BOMB fish market), we walked part of the Seascape Trail.  It is a beautiful trek around the Palos Verde Peninsula atop the rocky sea cliffs, with multi-million dollar mansions just a stone’s throw away.  The Point Vicente Lighthouse is one of just a handful of functioning Lighthouses on the SoCal coast.  Its rotating orb is interesting to watch and truly adds to the beauty of the area.  We happened on the Interpretive Center by accident (after an unfortunate skinned knee incident suffered by a very active BBQ Boy III) but found a really cool–and free–museum.  Did you know there was a Sea World-type of amusement park there called Marine Land?  Neither did we.  There’s not a sign of it now.  Betcha didn’t know that one of the largest kelp forests off the California coast is right there!  And that the Tongva Indians once called the peninsula home.  Crazy, I have some kids in my youth group who have some Tongva in them.

That’s a nice change of pace from the ever popular Cherokee connection that most white folk claim.

One of the more barren stretches of the Seascape Trail. It's much more lush by the Lighthouse and Interpretive Center.

A quick camera break in the middle of an intense search for lizards.

And there's the Lighthouse!


5 comments so far

  1. Renae Ashton on

    It is nice to have you blog again. I was missing your writing and looking every couple days for a new post… I hope you have a great time at camp. I love your pictures… looks like a great family time

  2. Pokey on

    Hey! That is the lighthouse I take my second graders to every year! We get to go inside and climb the four stories to the top. Did you know that they have an open house day in early spring? Larry has even used one of my amateur photos in a church bulletin, or something else. Pretty neat!!

  3. jenmarie on

    Cute sandcastle pic! =)

  4. mct88 on

    must try Andria’s!

  5. Antonia on

    We love Hollywood beach! Many people who live up here have never been there. We attribute no crowds due to; not alot of public parking for it, it’s usually very cold there and up until last year there were no public bathrooms close by. Although I told Jenny it was uncrowded and last time we went with her there were tons of people!

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