Teen Camp 2010

Teen camp is always a very special time.  This year was one of the sweetest experiences I’ve ever had.  God worked to do some healing.  Many of my kids got right with God and eachother.  And with me.  It was amazing.  Here’s just a glimpse of our week:


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  1. Amy Archer on

    Thank you jay for another awesome camp.you’re the best youth pastor ever!

  2. Angel on

    My second year of camp was a blast!!!!!

  3. Renae Ashton on

    Awesome video… I miss camp! Looks like you had an awesome week and God really worked in the lives of the teens! Thank you, Jay, for your faithfulness through the years… You and Brenna were the best youth leaders ever!

  4. Charlene on

    Don’t forget to sign me up for the football team next year!! Lol…camp was really fun, thanks Jay <=

  5. jenmarie on

    Aww, camp was so much fun. I can’t believe it’s been so long since I was going as a camper!! Such great memories!!
    Thanks for all the hard work you do to make camp great!

  6. robb on

    charlene u cant play football cuz if u get hurt who is going to take care of me??? ;).. thanks for everything jay it was the best camp EVER!!

  7. Charlene on

    Mrs Wilson will take good care of u Robbie! :o)

  8. Becka on

    Pastor needs to come preach at our camp!
    Looks like a blast. Kinda makes me miss it. I get to go to camp next week though! Be in prayer for our teens!

  9. robby on

    she is to busy playing piano charlene.. it was your calling to take care of me.. hahaha jk jk 🙂

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