The Big Endorsement

Raul Roa, Staff Photographer, Glendale News Press

This could be a game changer.  The long-awaited BarBeQuethMinistry! endorsement goes to MEG WHITMAN!  I know, I know, this is huge.  Just a notch below a Sarah Palin endorsement, but maybe a notch above a Manny Pacquiao robo-call.  While I can’t say that I align with Meg 100% (a little too centrist for my taste), she is definitely a better choice than the walking train wreck also known as Jerry Brown.  I believe she has a good enough business sense to rein in spending and the guts to make the tough decisions.  Ronald Reagan, certainly not.  But she’ll be solid.

Okay, the main reason this endorsement is going out is that she made a campaign stop at one of my favorite eating establishments in the world, Porto’s Bakery.  That shows that she is a genius!  And that she has excellent taste in pastries.


2 comments so far

  1. jenmarie on

    haha I thought of you guys when I saw she stopped at Portos. =) Too bad it looks like she’s going to lose. =( We certainly tried though!

  2. mct88 on

    i was waiting for the real reason of the endorsement… porto’s… you are easily won over with food, LOL.

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