Show Me

The BBQ Family just returned from vacationing in Missouri, the “Show Me” state.  We spent most of our time in the bustling metropolis of Fordland (population 674), where the BBQthDirector’s dad lives.  My sister and her three sons drove down from Louisiana to visit for a couple days.  No, I’m not all mixed up with my U.S. geography.  Louisiana, MO is just north of St. Louis.  There also happens to be a city named California in Missouri.

So what did the Show Me State show me?  For one, plenty of dazzling fall color!  One particular stretch of the Kansas Expressway just north of Springfield made me think we were miraculously teleported to Vermont.  I couldn’t imagine any place on earth to be much more beautiful than the Ozarks in the fall.  All you hear and read about for fall foliage is New England.  Maybe the BarBeQuethMinistry! will put southwest Missouri on the map.

The world’s largest Bass Pro Shops is in Springfield, which is pretty much hillbilly Disneyland.  Don’t get me wrong, it is uber cool, but I’ve never seen so many overalls and hunting camos in one place.  And I’m not talking about merchandise.  I think most of those people sleep in their outdoor gear.  They actually looked like they just dragged themselves out of bed.  Santa showed up with much fanfare.  In a very unique “sled” (pic below).

Most importantly, I was able to make yet another BBQ Pilgrimage.  Kansas City is a mecca for BBQ fans and boasts the most BBQ joints per capita in the nation.  I was able to visit three of the most holy shrines plus one newcomer in two days (a report will be up at The Fun Foodie soon).  While in K.C., we also hit up the Truman Presidential Library, which was a very interesting history lesson of one of the most eventful periods in U.S. History.  Nearby, we ran into one of the more stunning structures we’ve ever seen (pic below).  It pretty much dominated the skyline.  Turned out to be the headquarters of The Community of Christ movement (a Mormon spin-off).

You don't see these "merry-go-round" thingies very much anymore. The BBQ Kids (and even My BBQ Honey) had a blast on this one.

BBQ Boy I does President Truman a favor.

BBQ Boys II & III with their cousins in Bass Pro. I think it's so cute how they all just look like brothers (the cousins are white-i-pino, too).

Santa arrives at Bass Pro in all his redneck glory!

The Community of Christ Temple.

The temple spire peaking through fall foliage.


3 comments so far

  1. Becka on

    Great pictures! I have plans to visit St. Louis one day. 🙂

  2. jenmarie on

    I love the Ozarks! =) I’ve heard (from a coworker who lived in New England) that Oregon has prettier fall foliage than New England too….
    That is a really cool looking building. And lol about the kids, they do look alike! When I saw the first kid sitting on the sled, before reading the caption, I was like???? =)

  3. Dianna on

    These pics make me miss home. I LOVE the fall colors! Glad to hear you guys had a nice trip.

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