Can You Hook a Brothah Up?

Okay, this isn’t quite on the level of my infamous Famous Dave’s Campaign (I really miss my free BBQ), but I wouldn’t mind a trophy.  I’ve been feeding my food reviews (pun shamelessly intended) over to, a community of regular people who like to write.  Well, no telling how regular some people are, but I don’t think anyone’s making a living as a writer over there.  Anywhizzle, one my reviews of Porto’s Bakery was nominated for a “Lunch Award”, which honors the best online reviews.  The top 1000 users will provide the main votes, but nominees have been given the chance to campaign.  I have some experience with that.  And I’m not above begging….

Please, please, please, please, could you, could you, could you, c’mon, I’d do it for you!

Not the biggest deal, winners get a trophy called “The Golden Thumb”.  But it’s truly an honor to be nominated by an audience of my peers.  My understanding is that you don’t have to register with to vote if you’re on Facebook.  If you have 30 seconds to head on over there and follow the instructions to vote for my review, you can change the course of this world.  Maybe the NFL will avoid a lock-out.  Maybe Mubarak will finally step down.  Maybe the BBQthDirector will stop exaggerating in a pitiful attempt to gain your support.  Don’t under-estimate the power of your vote.

So, please … click here.


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  1. jenmarie on

    Wow, it must have worked because Mubarak stepped down, lol.

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