The Bad Boy Chair

Well, school seems to be going well for J.J..  The reports we get from the staff are very positive and Uncle Vince tells us that he seems to be the star of the class.  Apparently, he regularly has the staff in stitches, even to the point where some of them have actually had to leave the room to contain their laughter.  He does impressions of the different teacher’s aides and will even treat them to fully choreographed renditions of Veggie Tales silly songs (you should see him do “The Belly Button” song).  But we’ve learned that little Mr. Stand Up Comedian has a dark side, as well.

Sometimes, J.J. is just not in the mood to do school work.  It happens with “normal” kids, I know, but my J.J. has a way of making it clear that he doesn’t want to work.  He calls it fighting with his teacher.  We asked him what he does when he fights with his teacher.  J.J.’s honesty is usually quite refreshing.  He told us that he writes his “y”s upside down.  Or he’ll write his letters really big when he’s supposed to write them small.

“So what happens when you fight with your teacher?” I asked him.

“I have to sit in the bad boy chair.”

I wonder if that’s where he comes up with his funniest material.


2 comments so far

  1. Jen on

    lol too funny =) Writing ys upside down sounds harder than writing them normal!

  2. Aleassa on

    Haha, gotta love that honesty! And I don’t think I could write a “y” upside down if my life depended on it.

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