You know I’ve got to break my blog silence for this! 

We got him!  If you’ve been living in a cave somewhere (and hopefully you’re not Al Qaeda), public enemy #1 now knows the truth about his religion.  He now knows that what he believed, and died for, was a lie.  Seventy virgins were not waiting for him.  Jesus is more than a prophet.  Right now, I imagine he is begging for a true prophet to come to earth to tell his people the truth.

I don’t take pleasure in the thought of anyone going to hell.  Even Osama Bin Laden.  It is a sobering, terrible thought.  But justice has been served.  It was necessary.  Is this an issue of closure?  I imagine the family that had been rendered fatherless by the events of 9/11 experienced a brief moment of elation.  Then woke up to another day without “daddy”.  I’m sure the fire-fighters in New York, like me, gave a hearty fist pump upon hearing the news right from the President’s mouth.  But soon after remembered the radio silence of a fallen comrade.  No, closure is not the issue.

This is all about justice.

It’s not even about being a deterrant to terrorism.  These people truly believe in their cause and reward.  They’re willing to die.  Many more are waiting to step to the forefront of this hatred for the west.  The only thing we can do is make it difficult for them to get us.  They’ll keep trying, and, in reality, they’ll have some successes.  Then we need to kill them as we have opportunity.


God bless those Navy SEALs.  I wish we could have a parade for them.  And kuddos, Mr. President.  I didn’t think you would authorize a mission like that without Pakistan’s knowledge.  And, thank you, President Bush, for paving the way.


2 comments so far

  1. Aleassa on

    Amen!!!! You pretty much said it all.

  2. Becka on

    Well said.

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