Camp 2013 Video

This year’s camp video was a Dragnet detective spoof: “The Mysterious Murder of the Camp Spirit”. It’s our new-ish tradition of kicking off camp and going over the rules in a fun way.


3 comments so far

  1. jenmarie33 on

    WOW, GREAT job!!! Loved the ubiquitous Instagraming (is that a word?) lol.

  2. Becka on

    I loved this “spoof/ rule” video! It was great. 🙂 The dragnet references…hilarious.

  3. The Conman on

    Connor here, long time reader, second time commentator, when I was told to act like I was instagraming I had no idea what an instagram
    was. They had to explain it to me five times. I still don’t know what instagram is. All in all the best video I have ever been in. Thanks for the memories.

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