Camp 2013 Video

This year’s camp video was a Dragnet detective spoof: “The Mysterious Murder of the Camp Spirit”. It’s our new-ish tradition of kicking off camp and going over the rules in a fun way.

The Year in Review

It’s a new-ish tradition, but a great one.  Always fun (sometimes humiliating) to re-live memories.  I wish I had this technology available to me 15 years ago.

Camp “Family Fotos”


“Regular” happy smiles.


Mad dawg-in’. Some people just can’t pull this one off.


Super Hero pose. Notice Paul there closer to the front and left. Pharisee.


Hearts with the girly head tilt. My personal fave.


And, of course, just plain crazy! I just love these kids!


This year’s camp orientation video:

BBQ Showdown Promo

Our youth group is putting on our first ever BBQ contest fundraiser.  Maybe it can turn into an annual event.  We’ll see how everything goes.  I wish I could compete, but someone’s gotta be in charge.  So I’m pretty much like the chairman of Iron Chef.  And I’m cool with that.

Who’s cuisine will reign supreme?


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